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Passenger Vehicle

Our core expertise is residual risk assessment based on deep industry knowledge and sophisticated analytics.

Our insurance solutions are underwritten utilizing our proprietary modeling and residual value forecasts.

Residual Value Insurance is utilized to manage residual risk exposure and optimize lease accounting. We work closely with clients to understand the business objectives, so that each insurance policy is custom designed to precisely match the client’s needs. Each client is supported by a dedicated Account Team to provide RVI’s best-in-class customer service.

Residual Value Insurance will:

  • Manage residual risk exposure against unforeseeable market fluctuations
  • Optimize lease accounting by creating a financial asset which improves efficiency ratios

We serve a wide range of lessors and lenders:

  • Banks
  • Captive Finance Companies
  • Independent Lessors
  • Credit Unions
  • Fleet Management Companies


New Residual Value Products

Market Value Protection

Short-term (30-90 day) residual value insurance providing coverage on the value of vehicles being sold within the dealer market. Market Value Protection mitigates a dealer’s risk of shifts in market values.

Trade Value Protection
Residual value insurance which provides protection to a consumer in connection with the trade-in of a purchased vehicle within a set timeframe (2-4 years). Trade Value Protection enhances customer loyalty by providing protection only upon return to the same dealer or OEM for the next vehicle purchase.

Buyback Guarantee
Short term (no more than 30 days) residual value insurance that guarantees a predetermined amount upon return of a car after purchase. Buyback Guarantee provides greater financial assurance to a purchaser buying at a physical or online auction.

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